Monday, August 12, 2013

Call for Illustrators

As you may know, in years past we’ve had opportunities for SCBWI members who were attending the annual conference in Pittsburgh to create artwork to share with the rest of the attendees, and this year is no exception. This year, however, will be a little different.

This year’s challenge will be for a bookmark (specs below). The winning bookmark design will be printed and distributed to conference attendees as well as schools and libraries that host an author or illustrator as a speaker. The front of the bookmark will show the winning illustration, and the back will have the illustrator’s name and website address as well as WPaSCBWI information. No need to worry about the back as that will be designed in-house once the winner is chosen.

Here’s what you need to know:
  1. You have two options for the image you enter: You can choose an illustration that you’ve already created and control the copyright to, as long as it fits well or can be cropped (by you) in the space of the bookmark. If somebody else owns the rights, please do not submit the image. Or, you have the option to create an entirely new image just for this challenge. The choice is yours.
  2. You can download a jpg of the bookmark template below. The size will be 2”x8” after .05” bleed has been trimmed from all sides. (Final size with bleed: 2.1”x8.1”.) The corners will be rounded, and it is not recommended that you include a border since trimming could be uneven, and a border would only serve to emphasize that.
  3. For the initial entry, please email a jpg of your bookmark to with the subject line "SCBWI Bookmark." Entries should be 72 dpi, but no larger than 2.1”x8.1”. No need to send a higher resolution file unless and until yours is the winning entry, in which case you will be notified of the higher resolution specs at that time. Please include your name in your email.
  4. Only one entry per person, please.
  5. Entrants must be current members of SCBWI.
  6. Entries must be conceived and executed by the member entering.
  7. We must receive at least two entries for the challenge to result in a winner.
  8. Entries are due on September 14, 2013 and will be uploaded where WPaSCBWI members will be able to vote for their favorite until October 5. Winner will be notified via email, and a higher resolution file will be due no later than October 12.
  9. Winner will receive a free conference tuition to this year’s conference on November 9 along with 100 bookmarks with their design.
  10. Please send questions to

Here's the template.
Please note that your design can be either horizontal or vertical.

(Here's a direct link to the template. Use the bottom option: "Bookmark 2"x8" Round Corners")

Good luck!

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